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Ahead of the long-anticipated sequel of MAVERIC, join the boys in their reflection on the the original 1986 timeless classic about a man, his Tomcat and his buddy Goose.

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The boys take a look at the latest incarnation of an old favourite

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The boys look back at chapter 7 and the series overall.

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The boys talk Episode 6 of the Book Of Boba Fett.

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The boys talk Episode 5 of the Book Of Boba Fett.

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The boys talk Episode 4 of the Book Of Boba Fett.

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The boys talk Episode 3 of the Book Of Boba Fett.

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The boys talk Episode 2 of the Book Of Boba Fett.

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Here we go!  The new Star Wars live action series. Pearls Of Fandom bring you the Unnofficial week-by-week podcast to riff about the week that was in the Book of Boba Fett.

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The comeback of the Batman franchise in 2005 that made superhero flicks a serious genre.


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The monumental season final episode that made all Star Wars fans feel the power of the Force.

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The new posse work together to infiltrate an Imperial installation.

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Mando encounters a simple man trying to make his way in the galaxy.

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Mando's anticipated encounter with the Jedi is an awakening for him, the child and Ahsoka Tano herself.

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Mando returns to Navarro to help some old friends out with a dangerous mission against Imperial leftovers.

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Mando is again united with his own kind, another group of Mandalorians who need his help on a mission of piracy.

Give us your thoughts for the series at or on Twitter @PearlsOfFandom

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Mando is sidetracked yet again on his quest to take the child to the Jedi.

Give us your thoughts for the series at or on Twitter @PearlsOfFandom

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Join us for a weekly riff about the acclaimed Star Wars live action series.

Mando is back for Season 2, and so are the guys from Pearls of Fandom to talk you through it.


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It's been 40 years since the Star Wars universe was first canonically expanded with the sequel that would boost the franchise further beyond a the galaxy far, far away. 'Empire', as we would get to affectionately refer to it, grew a fanbase that would transcend generations. We take a look at our favourite parts and chat about how well this flick has held up 4 decades on.

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Remotely recorded 2 weeks before release in the midst of COVID chaos, the guys catch up about the latest Star Wars buzz.

Mandalorian Episode 8

Mando, Kuill, Cara, Greef and IG-11 say goodbye for now as the final episode for this season goes off with a bang! Here's the conclusion to a story that all Star Wars fans agree on.

The Rise of Skywalker

Our review and discussion on the epic conclusion to the 9-film Skywalker Saga ends here.  Opinions of the big finale are divided across the Pearls of Fandom Crew as they are across the fanbase galaxy-wide.  Join us and give us your thoughts via:


Twitter: @pearlsoffandom

Mandalorian Episode 7

What an episode! The Mandalorian, Cara and Kuill head to Navarro to eliminate The Client using the child as bait. Star Wars gold.

Mandalorian Episode 6

Short of cash, Mando is forced into some dangerous work with a crew he can't trust.  Enter a Star Wars heist story and a bounty hunter team-up.

Mandalorian Episode 5

In a bid to get the child to a safer setting, Mando finds himself stranded in the Outer Rim. A bounty hunter team-up is tabled as a means of paying the babysitter.

Mandalorian Episode 4

Mando seeks refuge and a place where the child can spend 900 years in relative safety, taking him to Sorgan and into the lives of a couple of special ladies.

Mandalorian Episode 3

The decision to hand the asset to The Client weighs on Mando's mind.  The code of the Bounty Hunter may have to be challenged.

Mandalorian Episode 2

'Mando' is not the only hunter after the prized asset. An unrelated setback then creates the necessity for a sub-mission to enable him to get the hell out of there.

Mandalorian Episode 1

The first Star Wars live-action TV series set in a time after the fall of the Empire. Join us for each episode of the gritty adult story that Star Wars fans worldwide have welcomed with open arms. I have spoken.

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Star Wars fans rejoice. There's so much ahead for us to indulge in. The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian and the announced Obi-Wan Series. We give our thoughts and a few predictions on what is coming in the days, months and years to come.

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Jaoquin Phoenix blows us away in this brilliant portrayal of the classic DC super villain. Joker is the realest, grittiest and most disturbing version to take to the big screen. Join us in the breakdown of this modern masterpiece.

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Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


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Batman and Robin (1997)

Clooney, Schwarzenegger, O'Donnell, Silverstone, Thurman, Elle Macpherson and Coolio.

How could this be a bad movie?

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July 2019 Multi-Movie Mashup

It's been a while since we released an episode, but in that time we've watched a bunch of movies that we riff about in this single episode.
Movies touched on:
Toy Story 4
Apollo 11 on IMAX
The Lion King
X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Spider-Man Far From Home
Top Gun Maverick Trailer

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GAME OF THRONES S08 Episode 06 The Finale

Arguably the greatest and most complex TV show wraps up with high drama and controversial character arcs. It was a sensational ride that has come to an end. Join Thrones fans Dave, Damian and Leo as we take a last look back at the show and the finale.

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GAME OF THRONES S08 Episode 05

Wowee what an episode! The fandom is divided in what was a spectacular second-from-last GOT episode.
The end daws near.

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Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker (Trailer)

A.K.A. "Return of the J.J."

Gregg and Dan have a look at the trailer that recently dropped and discuss their hopes and fears for The Rise of Skywalker... all based on a 2 minute teaser.

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The biggest movie ever and the crescendo of Marvel's 21 film build-up. We loved it. Join us as we discuss the finer points of the mother of all action blockbusters.

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GAME OF THRONES S08 Episode 04

SPOILERS?? Absolutely!
So much to talk about as the plot thickens and the pointy end looms.
Join us for our thoughts and favourite moments from the 4th episode of Game of Thrones Season 8.

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GAME OF THRONES S08 Episode 03

Where were you for the epic TV event that was The Battle of Winterfell. Join us for our thoughts and favourite moments from the 3rd episode of Game of Thrones Season 8.

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GAME OF THRONES S08 Episode 02

An episode-by-episode podcast about the the most anticipated final season in TV history.
How good is 'Thrones'?!?

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GAME OF THRONES S08 Episode 01

An episode-by-episode podcast about the the most anticipated final season in TV history.
How good is 'Thrones'?!?

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As Avengers Endgame is upon us, we take a brief look back at the 21 MCU flicks that paved the way to this epic superhero saga.

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The perfect movie? A deep timeless classic about a traumatised boy and the man trying desperately to put things right. Starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment.

Thanks to LiamK off Podbean for the online review and for getting us to watch and chat about one of the greatest favourite movies ever!

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If my calculations are correct, you will receive this podcast immediately after you saw the Delorean struck by lightning.

In this special cross-over episode with the popular podcast 'The Geeky Retro Nerds Show', we pull apart the finale to the magnificent Back to the Future Trilogy....aka the greatest western ever made.

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HEYYY YOU GUUUUUYYS!! A 5-star review on iTunes grants this listener an episode on the movie of his choice: THE GOONIES
We Truffle Shuffle our way through the iconic 80s cult classic that is loved by millions.

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No Spider-man, no worries. Tom Hardy has a parasite in this unique adaptation of a classic Marvel anti-hero. Here's our take on the flick that has divided audiences like the split personality of Eddie Brock.   ***SPOILERS***

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Toby Mcguire's Spider-man is still a favourite for many, even in this day of the MCU. This is a solid trilogy with heart, soul and action in a relatively grounded storyline.
On the eve of VENOM, here's a super-sized episode looking at all three movies and their place in cinema history.

-Contains excerpts from Ode to a Superhero by Weird Al Yankovic... so you know it's good.

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Where are we? WHEN are we? We are descending towards Hill Valley, California, at 4.29pm, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015.

Join in the conversation as we continue our look back at the greatest time-travel saga of all time...
...and say hello to your grandma for me.

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Typically viewed as the beginning of the end for the early Batman franchise, Batman Forever was the answer to its dark and depressing predecessor in Batman Returns.

With a star-studded cast including Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey and Nicole Kidman, it certainly brought audience interest back to the happenings of Gotham City, at least temporarily.

One of our hosts in particular reckons this is much more enjoyable than it gets credit for.

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Tim Burton followed up his 1989 big screen epic with the much-anticipated Batman Returns in 1992.

Was it worth the wait?  While we didn't think this one hit the right note, the Batman fandom seems to have other ideas.

Did you have the same problems with it we did, or are you one of the apparent majority that holds a special place for this sequel featuring Catwoman and The Penguin.

Check out our episode and let us know what you think.

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"Stella! Another one of these damn kids jumped in front of my car!"
...raises the question of how many, and how regularly Marty's grandfather runs over teenagers with his car.
BTTF part 1 is a classic. A wonderful mind-bending story brilliantly written and performed by the hilarious Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as Marty and the Doc.
Join us as we revisit this 80s cinema classic. We love it and we know you did to.


SOLO: A Star Wars Story

Where do you sit with the controversial though much anticipated backstory to everyone's favourite smuggler and his Wookie sidekick?   The POF boys tell it like it is for the second out-of-saga Star Wars flick.

*** Beware, this is SPOLIER CITY ***

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The wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking, shameless Deadpool in his second outing (or is it his third? Hmmmm): Deadpool 2.
Oh yeah and ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

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The biggest super hero flick ever as 10 years of foreshadowing by super-studio Marvel comes to a head in a feast of colour, action and chaos. It is good, and the fans love it, but is there unanimous adoration for it in the Pearls Of Fandom Studio? Did our different takes on Marvel's biggest culmination gel with your sentiments? You be the judge.  Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, this ep ***SPOILS*** the hell out of it! 😉

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Steven Spielberg's latest is a 'Where's Waldo' of 80s pop culture references. This is truly a movie with a difference. Set in a future where virtual reality gaming is a way of life, a group of online buddies embark on an online treasure hunt to gain control of the very platform that dominates the entertainment scene.

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..or is it Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark? Either way, what a classic! How is it a movie about an archaeologist in the 1930s captured the hearts and minds of a generation? Join us for our first episode of the Indy franchise flicks, where Harrison Ford mega-boosted his way into movie immortality as the whip-cracking, snake-fearing grave-digger.

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The much anticipated 2018 spy thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence as a sexy secret operative trained by Russian Intelligence to infiltrate CIA ranks with the art of seduction. The P.O.F. chaps give you their thoughts in this fun-size episode.



Netflix's Black Mirror continues to impress. If you still haven't seen it, it's well worth your TV watching time. We backed up our previous episode with a look at another episode from the brilliant series.

In 'Arkangel', a paranoid mother takes the extreme and controversial step in 'protecting' her child with new technology still in its trial phase. In our typical manner, here we discuss the episode's themes of censorship, privacy and parenting.

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Have you seen it yet?  Trust us, you'll want to.  Here's our first look at the hit NETFLIX series that has everybody talking.  Every episode of this "TV Show" is like a stand-alone short movie that will play with your emotions with a brilliant grounded tale with a hint of science fiction.

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The trailer finally dropped and our curiosity got the better of us. But don't worry! This is not a shot-by-shot analysis. In this episode we have a quick look at our initial impressions of what the upcoming SOLO movie might be like, based on the trailer. I thought we were in trouble there for a second but it's fine.
We're fine. 😉

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Batman (1989)

The first serious big-screen portrayal of the winged avenger, from a time when superhero movies were few and far-between.  With Michael Keaton's portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne coupled with the epic performance of Jack Nicholson as The Joker, this is a flick that has held up and is still revered today.

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Justice League

Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe, here in this great Hall of Justice, are the most powerful forces of good ever assembled. A DC epic headed by two directors, neither with the foresight to include any of Zan, Jayna, Gleek, Wendy, Marvin or Wonderdog.

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Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (PART 2)

Part 2 is the continuation and conclusion of our discussion about The Last Jedi.
Listener feedback is included in this episode.

Make sure you have Part 1 and our other episodes by subscribing to Pearls of Fandom, and downloading our popular movie podcasts.

Long live the Supreme Leader.



Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (PART 1)

Force ghosts to fathiers.  Porgs to Praetorian Guards.  The dust is settling on the epic and divisive eighth episode that has Star Wars fans asking: "Can Jedis do that?".  We saw The Last Jedi again and have delivered a conversation more comprehensive than Maz Kanata's little black book.
It's a 2-parter, so join us.  Why not? I've seen your daily routine, you are not busy.

SPOLIERS?  You betchya.


Darth Maul